Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thanks... Last slice


Dear my first AS spring overnight,

Thank you for making sure we had a lot of fun and learned in the process. Although sometimes you made me mad, usually because I wanted more time, you were the best trip I have been on so far. You did a great job making this a fantastic trip. I had a great time in DC and in Chesapeake Bay. All of the museums were awesome, thank you for letting me see them. Thank you for making everything we did in Chesapeake fun.
Overall, I just wanted to say…

Thank you, I had a great time.


P.S. Thanks for down pouring on us. :)  


  1. I liked the way you wrote a letter to the trip. It was a cool idea. Nice Slice!

  2. I like your letter idea! Nice job!

  3. I like your letter idea! Nice job!


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