Thursday, April 23, 2015



We were in Disney World and I was around 5 and for some unknown reason, I was mad. I’m not sure why, but I was extremely mad. I was sulking in my Minnie Mouse hat, not talking, and staying about 4 feet behind my family. I don’t know what’s to be mad about in Disney World, especially because we were in Magic Kingdom. Still, I refused to talk and hung my head in sulkiness.
Mom and Dad seemed to notice my sulkiness because we stopped for ice cream. I had a cup of chocolate ice cream and my sulkiness faded away.

I guess ice cream can solve all of children’s problems.  

This is before the sulking.

After the sulking.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Elsewhere week 2

Gabrielle Zevin

Owen and Liz fall in love but then Emily, Owen’s wife from Earth shows up and Owen and Liz’s relationship falls apart. Owen is still in love with Liz but Emily lives with him. Liz tries to escape down the river before she becomes a baby but almost drowns. After that, Emily leaves Owen and Owen and Liz live together until Liz becomes a baby and is sent down the river.

I liked Elsewhere a lot although the perspective was confusing. It was interesting although the events were fairly quick and some of them didn’t have good transitions. I did like it and I would recommend it to people who liked Wendy Mass books.

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This week I'm reading the Fault in Out Stars by John Green.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kerala SOL #8


We arrived at the humid airport and saw our name on a sign. We walked to the driver and were taken to our beautiful hotel. The humidity made my hair go poof. I hate that.

We were welcomed by coconut water and shell necklaces. I loved this place. A big Christmas tree sat in the middle of the lobby, well that made sense, but wait, this was India.

Then, we were in a golf cart, driving to the cottage-ish place we would stay for the next two days. It was beautiful. I loved it, we walked into our cottage which had an amazing view of the ocean. Mom and I walked down to the small beach and looked for shells. After finding a bunch and bringing them back to the room, we went to lunch. A fantastic lunch was found in the buffet of Dosa, Idli, Sambar and more. Dosa is a salty crepe thing, Idli is steamed rice cake and Sambar is a lentil soup.

We went to sleep around 6:00 because of jet lag and awoke around 5:00 in the morning. Mom made tea and we sat outside drinking it while listening to prayers from a nearby Muslim Mosque. After we walked in and encountered a cockroach. I sat, terrified on the bed while Mom called someone. They arrived and squished it. Soon after Mom and I got ready to leave. We weren't leaving the hotel but we were going somewhere.

While we had a lot more fun in Kerala than I described, that's all I will tell you for now.
Notice how I never mentioned my brother or father, well they weren't with us while these events occurred. But we were leaving to go pick them up…

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Elsewhere Book review

By Gabrielle Zevin

Waking up in a boat, meeting my dead grandmother. Where am I?
Liz has been killed, and taken to Elsewhere, a place where people go when they have died. It is a confusing place where 15 year old Liz will age backwards until she is reborn as a different person back on earth. After getting addicted to Observation Decks, (places where you can view your family or loved ones back on Earth) Liz gets an avocation (job) working with dogs.
So far Liz has meet a man called Owen who teaches her how to drive. Liz thinks shes in love.

I love this book so far. It has given me a new thinking of what goes on after you die. It is an extremely creatively written book. I do like it but sometimes the perspective confuses me. Liz’s character is a little annoying to me and she is disrespectful to her friends and grandmother which bothers me. I am going to finish it this week but so far, its a good book.   

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

"Hey!" SOL #7


We walked through the busy airport, all of us excited. My eyes landed on a person who looked a lot like Kate (Logan.) Wait, was that Kate? My eyes traveled back and landed on Avery and Ginny Logan.

“Hey!” I said.

“I’m so glad we met you!” I told Avery as we sat on the plane to LA.

“I know, right?” She replied. “I always meet someone I know at airports.”

We talked for majority of the flight. About half way through though, Avery was talking about shooting something up a nose when
Screams filled the plane joined by both of ours, as we sat laughing in shock.

“That was Terrifying!” I said giggling.
“Yeah I know,” She smiled “Anyways, I was saying, the way you pull out your brains without cracking your skull is…”

We continued to chat after this and soon came to an agreement to watch “Wreck It Ralph” on Avery’s phone. We watched about half of it before the plane came to a landing, ending our trip together.

“Bye!” We called as they walked away.

I sighed as we waited for our next flight to San Jose.
“But on the bright side,” I thought “We do get to see baby Vikram.”  

For those of you who do not know, Baby Vikram is my cousin who was born in early March, you can find out more about him in my “Finally” post and my “Little Ray Of Sunshine” post.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Far Far Away book review

Far Far Away
Tom McNeal

This is a story about a boy who hears the voice of an old German ghost. Jacob Grimm. Jacob’s job is to protect Jeremy Johnson Johnson, (The boy) from the Finder of Occasions. Jeremy meets a girl named Ginger who loves adventure. Bonded by an amazing pastry called the Prince Cake, Jeremy and Ginger experience attempting to save his grandfather’s book store, getting jobs with the town baker and getting trapped in a dungeon. Jacob is with Jeremy the whole time and is continually advising him. Once Jeremy and Ginger are trapped in the dungeon, they endure starvation, audio torture, and isolation. After 27 days of being trapped with another child called Frank, Jacob must find a way to help the children.

I thought this book was a fantastic book. I loved the idea of writing it from the ghost’s perspective. The book is interesting at first, but after a plot twist, it gets to be a page turner. There is a bit of romance in the book but otherwise it is more of a horror/mystery book. I would recommend this to 8- 90 year age group. I think everyone would enjoy this book because it has a little bit of all genres. It is a two week book but fantastic.

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