Friday, February 27, 2015

Leap of faith SOLMC#1

Leap of faith

There I was standing at the edge of a cliff wondering what in the world I was doing there.

I had been talked into taking the leap of faith off a cliff and into the blue waters of Mexico by my dad and brother.
So again, I was standing over the beautiful water that I was supposed to jump into but I couldn’t seem to bring myself to do it. Samar and dad smiled and told me from to jump from the blue that seemed miles away from me. I shuddered and looked at my mom and got a nod of consolation.
I jumped.
I felt the air whoosh up around me and my stomach got that feeling like it was rising up into my chest. I plugged my nose and sealed my eyes closed waiting for my body to be engulfed in water. But it was taking forever so my hand fell away from my nose but my eyes remained shut. the second my hand drifted I felt a cool wet substance cover me and go up my nose. My head emerged from the water and I saw Samar and dad floating in the water with me. I look up at the cliff and say, “I am never doing that again.”

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Veronica Roth
I just started this book and so far it is Awesome!!!
Allegiant is told from the perspective of Tris and Tobias. Evelyn has taken control of everything. She plans on dissolving the factions so there is only the factionless. But many people disagree with her. A group forms, called the Allegiant who plan on leaving the city and discover what's outside the fence. Tris and Tobias join the allegiant along with Christina, Uriah, and Tori. The allegiant have just come out of the city and Tori has been killed.

So far this book is fantastic and I super excited to read more!

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Book post #5

By Veronica Roth
Final Week
4 out of 5 stars

One choice can destroy you. The war between the factions continues. Tris gets captured and almost killed. Saved by Peter, Tris finds herself trusting Peter more than her brother Caleb, who does end up betraying Tris. Tris starts to doubt  Tobias’s love for her but in the end he proves her completely wrong. But even with the greatness of Jeanine being dead, will the Dauntless win?

I liked this book. It was a huge page turner but it definitely wasn’t as good as Divergent. This book is a little similar to The Hunger Games with the common dystopian theme. I would recommend this to people who liked The Hunger Games.     

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SOL #5

Just a bit of honey

“Do you want to try the honey on toast today?” Asked my nanny.
“Ummm… sure.” I answered.
I was in over my head in excitement because my nanny had been praising honey on toast for quite awhile. I know it sounds like a lame thing to be excited about but please keep in mind that I was around 4-5.
Jenny (my nanny) calls me to the table and I come rushing over. I am presented by a piece of toast with a bit of honey on it. I am ecstatic and I bit into the toast. The crunch is amazing and a sweet liquid seeps into my mouth and I am immediately in love.
“Mmmmmmmmm.” the sound of an amazing taste comes out of my mouth.
“You like it?” asked Jenny.
“It is amazing.” I reply.

A few minutes after I taste the honey toast, I feel myself gag and I know what that means, everything that just went down was about to come up.

I throw up and I realize that as good as it tastes, I probably shouldn’t have honey toast for quite awhile. :(

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All Because Of A Movie
If you haven’t watched the 3rd Harry Potter movie and are planning to, don’t read this because I do spoil a bit of the end of the movie. Well not so much but still. :)

I was around 7 years old and my mom and I had gone to a party and Samar and my dad had stayed home. Mom and I arrived home and we found Samar and dad watching the end “Prisoner of Azkaban.” Although I had seen it before I wound up seeing the part where the Werewolf and the Dog fight. Since I was only about 7, it kind of freaked me out but when I went to bed I slept like a rock but had a very disturbing dream.

It was late at night but all of us were awake, my room has a good view of the front door. I looked out the window and caught sight of a Werewolf at the door.
“Mom! Mom! There is a Werewolf at the door!” I cried.
“No way, Werewolves don’t exist.” Mom answered.
“Come look, I’m not kidding.” I said.
Mom came into my room and peered out the window.
“Oh My God!!! Ok um… hide wherever you can.”
I flew under my bed and tried to silence my breathing, I heard the door open and my heart was pounding. The feet were creeping up the stairs and I started to freak out. My bedroom door opened and I felt the wolf’s breathing and heard it as well, I saw the hairy feet and my breathing quickened.

I woke up scared to death. It was still night time and my mind was racing so I rushed into my parents room and climbed into bed with my mom. I still was scared so I made up a little song and repeated it in my head till I fell asleep.

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