Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Little Ray of Sunshine! (Finally part 2) SOLMC#31

Little ray of sunshine (Finally part 2)

Hey everyone! As you know, today is the last day of the Sol March Challenge, Yay and Boo. Today I wanted to write about a happy little thing in my life.

So my little cousin brother came into this world on March 16 2015. His name is Vikram and my family and I traveled to California, (where he lives) to go see him.

He is adorable! He has really chubby, cute cheeks and an adorable face. Sadly all he really does is, eat, sleep, cry, and look around. Even though he doesn't do much, it is great to be around him and hold him. I could talk and look at him forever

But Vikram makes the cutest faces while he sleeps, one second he’s smiling and another he is distressed. Sometimes he laughs and sometimes he is angry.

At the moment he is my favorite person, but really why wouldn’t he?

Here are a bunch of pictures. I love him and I’m so happy we are here!

He has taken control of my finger. :)

Me holding my angel.

 “Good night everyone!”

Happy last day of slicing!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Google!! SOLMC#30


I am in California this week and my uncle works in Google. So yay for us, we got to have an exclusive tour of Google!

Google is kind of like its own city. They have many cafes and juice bars all around campus. They also have things called “Google bikes.” Google bikes or G-bikes, are bikes colored with the colors of the Google logo, blue, red, yellow, and green. These bikes are used for travel around the campus.

There are many buildings in the campus and most of them have a cafeteria. The restaurants have a theme, Indian, Mexican and so on.

We got to see the place he worked at, he works as a product manager. We got to see all the androids and the conference rooms and place where they launch their products. We got to see it all. It was pretty awesome.

They also have a Rube Goldberg machine which used to count down and then release a ball into another machine and so on.

I also discovered they have a bowling place. With shoes, lanes, and balls. It was very cool.
They also have a simulation golf scene. You can hit the ball and it will hit the screen and will be portrayed on the screen.

While some of you would like me to drone on about what we saw and what we learned, some of you do not. So I will end like this…


They even have a cricket game!!

This is the presenting placey place.

Googlers Only. :) ;)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Flying! SOLMC#29


I was hooked onto the device that would let me fly.

I was pushed.

I flew.

Slowing myself down before I reached the next one.

Unhooked and waking to the next place.

Hooked on again.


Time and time again I flew, but it never got old.

Here it was, the long one.

One mile.

But sadly, we couldn’t fly alone.

With a guide and another person our age we had to fly.

But this one was the most memorable.

We flew across a gorge,

Looking down on the carpet of green.

Arriving at the end and thinking,

“Thats why they call zip lining in Costa Rica the best.”

This is us pre ziplining.

This is me “Flying.”

Getting ready to “Fly”

Friday, March 27, 2015

"I can still see." SOLMC#28

“I can still see, just my depth perception is off.”

I looked at my glasses, they were snapped in two and ere blurry, well, of course they were, I couldn’t wear them. It started when I was singing in the car next to my brother.

“Could you stop?” He asked.

I hummed to myself and in a quiet voice. He grabbed my glasses. I pushed my arm to try and stop him, but he still got them. I looked in his hand and saw half of my glasses, I peered down at the floor of the car and saw the other half.

“YOU BROKE MY GLASSES!!!!!!!!!??????” I screamed.

“I didn’t mean to, they just snapped.” He said looking at the pieces in my hand.

“BUT YOU STILL BROKE THEM!” I yelled, anger flowed through my body and somehow salty drops of water fell from my eyes. Wait, I know how, those were my favorite glasses and he had BROKE them!

Anger and hatred filled my eyes as I glared at him.

We were on our way to our workout so we couldn’t go back home. Luckily, when we got there, they had athletes tape, so my mom stuck them together. While it wasn’t the most comfortable, it would have to do.

This is me with my makeshift glasses.

I sadly had to go to school like this, and I must say, I got many weird looks. But the most popular question was,

“Can you see?”

My answer was,

“Yeah, I can see, but my depth perception is off.”

After stating this, the person would usually put their hand in my face to test me. I would push the hand away and reply,

“No, not like that, it’s like… the ground seems really far away. And it only happens sometimes.”

The person would wish me luck and carry on doing what they were doing.

I came home that Thursday waiting to go to the glasses place. We departed from home and found that another location had the same frame and they would just have to put in the lenses from the broken ones.

Dad set out on his valiant quest to fix my glasses while I went out on my valiant quest to make it through vocal lessons. So while in vocal lessons I had no glasses, so my vision was extremely blurred.

Finally, I made it through vocal lesson and I walked into the lobby of The School of Rock. Dad walked through the door holding my new-ish glasses.

“Yay! Finally, give me give me! Yes omg finally!!” I was super happy and as I put on the glasses, the world came back to how it was before all this happened, clear, colorful, and happy.

This is me being goofy with my new-ish glasses. :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Yum! SOLMC#27


I was pulled out of the bag and poked onto a stick.
I shot down towards the red source of light and heat, screaming.

But no one heard me,
Of course they didn’t considering what I was.

I felt pain searing through my small body as I was turned over the light,
I was kept over the light for quite a long time.

I started to burn but not black,
golden brown.

Pulled out of the light and pushed in between a small square which melted upon impact and a big light brown thing that crumbled a little when I came.

I felt myself be lifted up into the air and towards a huge hole,

There go my legs.

There goes my body.

Oh no!!
I watched as I was pushed into the hole,
I saw big white things coming for me,
Stop! Stop! I cried.
No Please! I’m too young to di…

I finished the s’more licking my lips,

“Yum. Can I do another one?”

Photo credit:http://thegirlsonbloor.com/top-10-desserts-with-tea/

Ultimate Frisbee SOLMC#26


Group one ran out to the field,
I listened as we decided what to do and raised our hands.

They threw the disk and we ran.

First point, them.

We ran back to the bleachers as group two dashed out.

Second point, us

Group three went out and we scored again

I ran back out with my team,
We threw the disk and we ran for our person.

Finally it was the last play and it was taking forever,
We had thrown the disk but no one had caught it.
I called the person who had the disk and they threw the disk.
I felt the disk come into my hands as I looked down and saw I was in the end zone.
I had caught the last throw of the game and won a point!

Photo Credit: http://www.discstore.com/discs/white-wham-o-175-gram-ultimate-frisbee-disc

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Four Book review SOLMC#25

Book Review

Four is the fourth book of the Divergent series. It is a bunch of short stories from Four/Tobias’s perspective. It starts with Tobias moving factions from Abnegation to Dauntless and it takes him through initiation. It takes him through his trainer being killed and all the way up to him meeting Tris. I read a little bit of Four before I read Allegiant because it really helped me understand.

I thought Four was an extremely good idea for another book and I thought Veronica Roth did a great job writing from Tobias’s perspective. I recommend reading Four before reading Allegiant.

Photo Credit:http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/four-veronica-roth/1117658310?ean=9780062346766

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"I don't see them!" SOLMC#24

“I don’t see them!!”

We were driving to Utah or something, I don’t really remember where. On the way, mom pointed out some horses. I looked out the window trying to see them but I couldn’t.

“Where are they?” I asked, frantic.

I really never saw the horses when we went on a drive. I always wanted to and everyone else saw them but I didn’t.

I started crying.

“I never see the horsies!!” I sobbed.

“Don’t worry, you’ll see them next time.” Mom assured me.

Tears streamed down my face and I wondered if I would ever see the horses.

Sometime later my mom told me I had to get glasses. I didn’t want them, but... who does?
We went to the glasses store and I picked out a light lavender frame.

Some other road trip…

“Look at the horsies mommy!” I was thrilled, I finally saw the horses.

That is the epic story of me getting my glasses.

So far I have had 3 lavender ones, a pink and black one, another pink and black one and I currently have large black and white ones.

These are my current glasses!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Crab Hunting SOLMC#23

Crab Hunting!!!

“Come on guys! Lets go, come on!!”

I urged my mom, my brother, and my aunt to come outside.

“Lets go crab hunting!” I said

My cousins were asleep so we couldn’t be too loud. We grabbed pails and shovels and set out onto the white beaches of Destin FL. Searching with our flashlights for the little crabs.

“There!” said Samar.

We trapped the crab and put it along with a little bit of sand into the bucket. We marveled at it for a little then set out to find more.

Soon we had many tiny crabs scuttling in the pails. We heard screams from farther off of people who had found the big ones. But so far we hadn’t found any.

The next night we set out with my 7 and 5 year old cousins and my aunt. As we came out of out house and onto the beach we saw a huge crab, and I mean huge! We scooped it up and put it into one of the buckets. Soon we became afraid of the giant so we let him out. As he scuttled out of the bucket, he went up onto his back legs and stood there with his pincers in the air. We backed up and took a couple of photos. Then we bolted. Running. Scared.

Here he is. We freaked out a little. :)

He stayed there and we ran so we didn’t see him again.

Up, Up and Down SOLMC#22


Up, Up and Down

I put my foot into the slot so I could pull myself up. The rope was attached to me and I felt it tugging on my waist. Telling me to go higher. To keep climbing until I reached the instructors. My hands and feet kept grasping and settling into the naturally formed climbing wall. I stopped, looking around me for a place to put my foot. I heard the encouraging shouts from my new friend and my family. Finally I found a place and kept climbing until I reached the instructors. They attached me to a cable and told me to jump. I looked at the ground beneath me, it was about 50 feet down. I got a funny feeling telling me to stay and not to let my feet  leave the platform.

“Do you need a push?” asked one of them.

I shook my head and jumped. I flew down a little then from side to side as I continued my descent from the tree.

I was in Costa Rica and we climbed a Matapalo tree, the strangler fig. This tree grows around another tree and strangles it. Over a long period of time, the other tree disintegrates, leaving the shell of the strangler fig. We climbed inside of it, to the hollow part and it has holes wich we used as a climbing wall.

This is me climbing.

This is me “falling”

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mother-Daughter day out SOLMC#21

Mother-Daughter day out

My mom and I do this thing where we have a mother-daughter day out. We started this christmas a couple of years ago. For one day around each of our birthdays, we go out to dinner or to see a movie or to paint something in Color Me Mine. It’s a pretty special thing and it’s a fun time for both of us.

On our first day out, (It was an evening out actually) we went to Color Me Mine and painted pig salt and pepper shakers. Then we went to see Frozen, which had been released about a week ago. Once we were done with Frozen we went to On The Border (A Mexican restaurant) and talked.

We have fun on our days out even if it is only a mani-pedi and lunch.

The salt shaker is the blue one (mom painted him) and the pepper shaker is the pink one (I painted her.)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Frying!! SOLMC#20


I watched as mom slid the batter into the oil. Bubbles formed and encased the little clump of batter.

“See how it rose to the top immediately?” She said “Thats how you know when the oil is hot enough.”
This time she slid a bigger amount of batter in. I watched as once again, the bubbles covered the batter and soon I lost sight of the batter. But just as it left sight, mom put another one in. As this one fell out of my vision the first one popped up. This cycle continued until about eight balls of dough were frying in a pool of oil, each with their own floatie of bubbles.

Once they were a brown-red, we lifted them out and put them into a bowl and then back to the beginning.

What we were frying is an indian snack-dish called Pakoras, I may not have spelled that right. They are little balls of batter made up of lentils. We put onion and ginger in as well but you can make them plain or with anything you want. You usually eat them with a green chutney. :)

Photo credit: http://www.kuartadimension.com/receta-de-pakoras-hindues/