Thursday, April 9, 2015

"Hey!" SOL #7


We walked through the busy airport, all of us excited. My eyes landed on a person who looked a lot like Kate (Logan.) Wait, was that Kate? My eyes traveled back and landed on Avery and Ginny Logan.

“Hey!” I said.

“I’m so glad we met you!” I told Avery as we sat on the plane to LA.

“I know, right?” She replied. “I always meet someone I know at airports.”

We talked for majority of the flight. About half way through though, Avery was talking about shooting something up a nose when
Screams filled the plane joined by both of ours, as we sat laughing in shock.

“That was Terrifying!” I said giggling.
“Yeah I know,” She smiled “Anyways, I was saying, the way you pull out your brains without cracking your skull is…”

We continued to chat after this and soon came to an agreement to watch “Wreck It Ralph” on Avery’s phone. We watched about half of it before the plane came to a landing, ending our trip together.

“Bye!” We called as they walked away.

I sighed as we waited for our next flight to San Jose.
“But on the bright side,” I thought “We do get to see baby Vikram.”  

For those of you who do not know, Baby Vikram is my cousin who was born in early March, you can find out more about him in my “Finally” post and my “Little Ray Of Sunshine” post.

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  1. Nice detail. I like the way you described meeting Avery in the airport. Nice slice!


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