Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kerala SOL #8


We arrived at the humid airport and saw our name on a sign. We walked to the driver and were taken to our beautiful hotel. The humidity made my hair go poof. I hate that.

We were welcomed by coconut water and shell necklaces. I loved this place. A big Christmas tree sat in the middle of the lobby, well that made sense, but wait, this was India.

Then, we were in a golf cart, driving to the cottage-ish place we would stay for the next two days. It was beautiful. I loved it, we walked into our cottage which had an amazing view of the ocean. Mom and I walked down to the small beach and looked for shells. After finding a bunch and bringing them back to the room, we went to lunch. A fantastic lunch was found in the buffet of Dosa, Idli, Sambar and more. Dosa is a salty crepe thing, Idli is steamed rice cake and Sambar is a lentil soup.

We went to sleep around 6:00 because of jet lag and awoke around 5:00 in the morning. Mom made tea and we sat outside drinking it while listening to prayers from a nearby Muslim Mosque. After we walked in and encountered a cockroach. I sat, terrified on the bed while Mom called someone. They arrived and squished it. Soon after Mom and I got ready to leave. We weren't leaving the hotel but we were going somewhere.

While we had a lot more fun in Kerala than I described, that's all I will tell you for now.
Notice how I never mentioned my brother or father, well they weren't with us while these events occurred. But we were leaving to go pick them up…


  1. That sounds super fun. And dosa is delicious. Nice slice!

  2. Oh my, Anika, you've shared wonderful details, & this place looks so gorgeous. What a marvelous trip you had! I will look for more!

  3. I love the detail in the first paragraph!


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